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Sophie Willison Photobook cafe.png

'Passion between us'


Photobookcafe Gallery

'Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking exhibition by multi-disciplinary artist Sophie Willison, who explores the complexities of the queer experience. “Passion between us" features a dynamic collection of photographs, ceramics, paintings, and drawings that delve into the intimacy of queer relationships and offer a unique perspective on the artist's own journey of queerness.
This show is not just an exhibition of finished pieces, but a work-in-progress that showcases the power of the creative process. Willison invites the viewer to witness the evolution of her work and to connect with the pieces on a deeper level. Through her use of various mediums, the artist explores the themes of queerness, identity and pleasure with sensitivity, honesty, and a sense of vulnerability.
This show promises to evoke emotions, spark discussions, and challenge the viewer to think about the complexities of the queer experience'.

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