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Sophie Willison

Come and Go

a dramaticule by Samuel Beckett

Featuring Georgia Wilkinson-Derums, Jessie Lee Nash and Kirsty Mitchell

"Written in English early in 1965. First published in French by Editions de Minuit, Paris, in 1966. First published in English by Calder and Boyars, London, in 1967. First produced as Kommen und Gehen, translated by Elmar Tophoven, at the Schiller-Theater Werkstatt, Berlin, on 14 January 1966. First performed in English at the Peacock Theatre, Dublin, on 28 February 1968 and subsequently at the Royal Festival Hall, London, on 9 December 1968".

A reimagining of the play, co-directed by Georgia Wilkinson-Derums and Sophie Willison. Shot entirely on iPhone 6s by Sophie Willison.

Stills from the short film. Coming mid October.

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