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Sophie Willison was born in London in 1995 and

studied fine art photography at the University of East London.

Willison has been self publishing an annual printed  magazine terra firma for almost a decade, which focuses on contemporary photography, art, writing and design.

She is currently working on forming an international collective, designing furniture, and has ideas for starting up her own gallery space - Sandalwood Project.

In her spare time she designs and facilitates creative workshops as a freelancer artist, as well as for museums, galleries and schools.


She is also available for Guest Lectures and for creating bespoke workshops to meet your needs.

Get in touch for more info.




Sophie Willison / sonofwillye /

Terra Firma / terra_firma_magazine /

Sandalwood Gallery / Sandalwood Project /

Portrait of Sophie by Kareem Abdul

Sophie Willison

Exhibitions / Book Fairs

Biblioteka Book fair - May 2022 & 2023

SOLO SHOW, London, Photobook Cafe Gallery - March 2023

Superwedge Press, London, February 2023

Bound Book fair, Manchester 2022

Terra Firma 2020 Diary Launch, November 2019

'Navigating the Blue' First Solo Show, The Shop Gallery, March 2019

'3+6+3' Pop Up Exhibition February 2019

'Hard Copy II', Goodspace Gallery, January 2019

Terra Firma Magazine - Issue 05 Launch Galerie Pom Pom, November 29th 2018

2019 Terra Firma Diary Launch, Airspace Gallery November 2nd - 17th November

'Hard Copy', Goodspace Gallery, July

'Rolodex' - Design Festa Gallery Tokyo, June 2018

'Constructing Intimacy' Gaffa Gallery, June 2018

Rewind Gallery 'Dated'

December 16th  2017 - January 12th 2018

Airspace Projects Inc 'Airfare' December 2017

Volume, Another Art Book Fair. Artspace in collaboration with Printed Matter inc, October 2017

Design Manchester 'A Letter From Home' 

October 2017

Revue Bâtarde, Brussels Belgium October 2017

Studio NOCK May-June 2017

Museum of Contemporary Art Zine Fair, May 2017

Melbourne Art Bookfair, March 2017 (Terra Firma magazine presented by the IMA bookstore)


'Interior' Scratch Art Space, October 2016

MCA Zine Fair, May 2016


Goodspace Gallery, Sydney, June 2016


A process exhibition - Der Greif, Germany, Neue Galarie Höhmannhaus, March 2014


Interim show- Vyner street - Bethnal green, 2014


Pop 6 Cine-East - Pop up show, London 2013

Talks / Presentations

Parliament Hill School - Zine talk / workshop 2022

Guest Portfolio Review - Westminster University 2022

Untitled. 'Unfinished Prints & Projections' at 107 Projects, December 2016

Guest Lecturer at Guildford College, October 2015



Published (print)

ACV Magazine April 2023

Nobody February 2023

Motor Journal 2022

Caffeine and Concrete 2019

terra firma 2018 diary

Revue Bâtarde, Le Compromis issue, 

published by Indekeuken editions 2017

Modulated by Noise 2017

As.iZ Magazine 2017 

C41 Magazine 2016


Pamplemousse magazine 2016


Iolsi Zine 2016


terra firma magazine 2015/17


Girls Like Us magazine 2015


Denude magazine 2015


Der Greif - Seltmann PrintArt, Lüdenscheid 2014



Published  (online)

City Like You 2022

At Home, Together Pt2 2020

NSS Magazine 2020

At Home, Together Prt 1 2020

Caffeine and Concrete 2018

Of the land and Us, 2017

Try Hard Magazine, 2017

Sandalwood Gallery

Fleur and Arbor, 2016


Flaneur magazine, 2016


Grit magazine, 2015


Get it on the neg, 2015


The Symons-Hatton Award (honourable mention 2nd prize)


Wall image by Sophie Willison titled 'Newcastle waterart'
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